Hello Fat! Goodbye Fatty!

So I’ve been studying the Primal Blueprint(PB) a lot lately and I must say that I’ve been convinced. I should also point out that it’s not fare to say that I’ve just now been convinced since I’ve long thought that the key to sustainable weight loss lies in limiting carbohydrate intake. However, it’s never been put to me in such a way that I was convicted to make drastic lifestyle changes.

In practice following the PB is pretty difficult despite it’s lovely simplicity, especially with two small kids in the house. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming them. I’m completely at fault all on my own, I love Dr Pepper and candy like I love air. I simply mean that it’s difficult to come up with kid friendly snacks and meals that follow the PB when for last 31 years of my life I’ve had bread and other evil goodies to fill the nutrient void that now exists if I don’t get enough fruits, veggies and protein.

I’ve found that using vegetables as the primary focus of a meal is something that is quite difficult to do when your used to veggies being a side dish. Good new though, you get used to it. It’s been a good exercise in cooking since in order to keep things new and fresh your constantly looking for new ways to prepare veggies.

Probably the biggest mental hurdle that I’ve had to overcome while adopting the PB is that eating fat, lots of it by today’s conventional wisdom standard, is not only okay but encouraged as a vital source of nutrients. You see without loads of carbohydrates coursing through your system your body runs out of “quick” fuel real fast. That’s where the fat comes in. Once your body uses up the carbs that you engest it will switch over to fat for fuel.

I guess to give you something to take away from this post here are the three things that I’d say aremost crucial to shedding your fat stores.

  1. Eat lots of vegetables
  2. Eat good quality protein (look for range fed, hormone and nitrate free everything)
  3. Worry more about the carb content than the fat content
    1. Remember if you strip out the carbs and replace them with fats your body will use the fat for energy and then deplete o your fat stores instead of using the leftover carb energy to increase them.

Remember that 90% of weight loss is diet.